Complete Carpet Cleaning & Care

Complete Carpet Cleaning & Care
Steam Clean

Sorry we don't take short cuts when it comes to your carpet cleaning. We offer a Premium service as that's what's required to care for your carpets. Anything less is cutting corners.

Our Promise to you:

  • All jobs will have an IICRC trained & Qualified Technician on location
  • We will give you great customer service
  • We will care for your carpet & home as if it was our own
  • If you are not completely happy we will do it again till you are

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Complete Carpet Cleaning & Care
Steam Cleaning

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Are all carpet cleaners in Melbourne equal? Actually no there are so called carpet cleaners and then there are Qualified Carpet Technicians

So whats the difference? Any one can buy carpet cleaning equipment, lets face it you could even hire some substandard equipment and do it yourself. A technician has spent $1000's on training, or in my case 10s of thousands, has been independently tested for skill and knowledge and follows international best practise standards.

For example: Would you trust someone with your car that has maybe only just read the manual in the glove box, or the guy who has spent years studying & learning to become a qualified mechanic. Maybe that guy who read the manual has been doing it for 17yrs. Does that mean he is doing it the right way?

But the guy who only read the manual is cheaper right, will you still be thinking that when you are stuck on the side of the road from something he did wrong that he didn't even know could be a problem. I see it every week, when I'am called to fix others mistakes.

Or maybe they have the biggest and best equipment available. Having a fast car doesn't make you a good driver. You will just cause more damage when you crash. Its all about training, technique, ethics and following standards. Is value for money the cheapest price or is it getting the job done correctly for a fair price?

Did you know your carpets act as large filters to trap dust, dirt & soils, if you suffer from allergies this is a great feature over hard surfaces. Though these filters do need cleaning on a regular basis. How often your carpets are cleaned can depend on a number of factors, like how many people live in the house, the age of the occupants, do you have pets, children or both like myself. Do you often have guests or parties. Is your house a shoe or no shoe home. These are important questions to a technician.

So why do you insist on a pre-inspection before you quote?

Well much like a doctor or a mechanic, maybe they can diagnose the problem over the phone, though it will also depend on your responses to these professionals. To be frank we have developed a trained eye for things you will not see or are aware could be a problem. Like a doctor or mechanic a visual, physical inspection is required. Also what we quote is what you pay. We do not use bait and switch pricing strategy to lure you in to then tell you, sorry your case is different, its going to be double and extra for that. Yes unfortunately this happens far to often

What do you do on a pre-inspection?

  1. We discuss your goals, what you would like done, issues or problems that you would like resolved
  2. We identify and test the carpet fibres, its construction & condition. This tells us what chemicals to use and at what dilutions. It also can adjust our cleaning methods.
  3. We conduct a though inspection room by room, taking note of issues, and stains.
  4. We can then provide a quote, with expectations on the result we will be able to achieve.

NOTE: We are not pressure sale people, so at this point you can either book a time, or let us know at a later date. Or even say no.

If I choose your company do I have a Guarantee?

YES our business has been built on customer satisfaction and trust. We genuinely care about your carpet and take satisfaction in achieving the best result possible and have built great relationships as a result. Our promise is to do our best on every job. If you are not 100% satisfied we will be back asap to re do the job.

To read more about our great service, cleaning methods and stain removal steps explained click here

A question i am often asked is how frequently should i get my carpets cleaned. We this can depend on a number of issues. The environment, the type of carpet fibres. Do you have pets, children? How old are the children? Is there elderly people or individuals with health or allergy issues. As a general rule of thumb I recommend every 6-12 months. At least every 12 month with a hot water extraction and maybe a low moisture style bonnet clean between these deep cleans.  

Below is an article I read in a recent cleaning journal which helps to give light to the topic. Also feel free to call anytime to discuss your particular situation and a qualified technician can talk you through the pro's and cons of the various types of cleaning like dry cleaning, encapsulation cleaning and steam cleaning. Or a combination of these different methods.

Source:  The journal of cleaning, restoration and inspection Apr 2015



Accidents do happen and its useful to know a few helpful tips to ensure these spills do not permanently damage your carpets. 

As carpet cleaning technicians we use wands to clean your carpets, but these are not magic wands and when we seek to remove stains caused from pets or accidental spills sometimes our jobs are made a lot harder once the clients have attempted to remove the stain, using chemicals from the supermarkets, or one of grand mothers old tricks. Carpets are much different these days and the way carpets are manufactured and dyed can play a role in the success of effective stain removal.

Here is a few helpful tips in removing stains: 

Liquid spills:

  • Using a white towel or paper towel  try to blot up as much as the spill as possible.
  • Keep repeating the process until no more liquid or colour is transferring to the white towel
  • Then if there is still signs of any stains you can apply a small amount of water to the effected area and repeat the blotting process with white towels until all the stain is removed
  • If after these steps there is still signs of staining please call for further assistance
Please Note: The spills such as red wine, coloured drink or food, urine, and vomiting you will require expert assistance to avoid permanent damage. Trust me its cheap to get us in early, then to try a bunch of youtube tricks and create a larger problem which changes the chemistry of the stain making to impossible to remove with out cutting the stain out and repairing the carpet removed.

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