Carpet Repair & Carpet Reinstallation

Carpet Repair & Carpet Reinstallation

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Our IICRC trained technicians can repair your carpet to add years to the carpet life and save you thousands in carpet replacement costs. We fix carpet rips, burns, ripples, de-lamination. We re-stretch and reinstall carpet to International best practise standards. 

Our Promise to you:

  • All jobs will have an IICRC trained & Qualified Technician on location
  • We will give you great customer service
  • We will care for your carpet & home as if it was our own
  • If you are not completely happy we will do it again till you are

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Carpet Repair & Carpet Reinstallation

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Our Technicians are trained in all aspects of carpet care, carpet repair and carpet cleaning in Melbourne. We can also colour match or colour repair your carpets if required.

Our knowledge can improve your carpet's visual appearance, improve indoor air quality and add years to the life of your carpet saving you the hassle of premature carpet replacement and money.

We can fix:

  • Carpet burns from irons, cigarettes etc
  • Carpet rips, ripples and tears
  • Carpet seams
  • Loose carpet by power stretching
  • Carpet damage caused by pets and odour
  • Carpet damage caused from water loss and water damage
  • Carpet colour loss, bleach spots and sun fading. Including atmosphere fuming stains
  • Damaged or insufficient installation of carpet
  • or insufficient installation of carpet smooth edges or carpet grippers

How it works:

  • We organise a free no obligation inspection
  • We discuss findings and offer suggested solutions
  • We provide a quote to perform desired repairs
  • We book a time and date to carry out required repairs

Call 0405 187 007 to discuss your carpet repair needs

NOTE: We are not pressure sale people, so at this point you can either book a time, or let us know at a later date. Or even say no.

If I choose your company do I have a Guarantee?

YES our business has been built on customer satisfaction and trust. We genuinely care about your carpet and take satisfaction in achieving the best result possible and have built great relationships as a result. Our promise is to do our best on every job. If you are not 100% satisfied we will be back asap to re-do the job.

Types of repairs we provide: 

  • Carpet power stretching - Often poorly installed tufted carpet can lead to premature wear and tear to your carpet. According to international standards carpet should be installed drum tight. If you can pinch your carpet and lift it up 1/2 cm or more maybe you need one of our technicians to take a look. Loose or poorly laid carpet can lead to de-lamination and premature wear to underlay. Not to mention the visual aspect of poorly laid carpet.
  • Carpet seam repairs - Carpet comes in broad loom widths and often require joining within a room, along a hallway or across doorways. Poor installation or other circumstances can lead to these joins separating, fizzing or tearing. Dont stress we can fix it for you.
  • Carpet spots / stains - When these can not be removed by cleaning or by chemical means, we may either cut the stain out and replace with a new piece of carpet or strip the colour out of the carpet and colour match colour back into the carpet pile to restore the carpets appearance.
  • Carpet colour repair - From full room dying if you don't like your existing colour, colour enhancement for carpet with colour dullness to spot dying a bleach spot out. Colour striping food and drink stain, then colour matching to spot dye correct colour back into the carpet. 
  • Carpet bonded fusion - Technique used to remove burn marks, iron marks, melted carpet pile and any other unwanted stain or spot which can not be removed with chemical means.
  • Water damaged carpet - When a flood occurs from a tap, washing machine, through the roof and any other source. It s critical to respond in an appropriate manner to save carpet, underlay, sub floor and building structure from rot, mould, organic growth and other secondary damage which occurs as water evaporates and seeks out other dry or porous surfaces within the building. Correct drying, dehumidification and remediation needs to be fast and effective.
  • Carpet smooth edge or carpet gripper repair - Tufted carpet which is common in domestic dwelling is secured to the subfloor via smooth edge, which is a wood strip with nails. These nails are positioned at 60 deg to hook onto the secondary backing of carpet. Smooth edge can be effected and need replacing from water damage, improper installation or to be re-enforced when carpet is power stretched as required by manufactures recommendations.
  • Carpet odour - We find the source and remove it. Odour can come from pets, water damage, spills and other contaminates. We assess the issue, and determine the appropriate technique to rectify problem. The solution could be as simple as spot flushing to replacing and sealing effected sub floor.

Other Services we offer are: 

  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Carpet spot dying
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Cleaning And Sealing i.e Concrete, Pavers, Brick
  • Deep cleaning services
  • Odour removal
  • Stain removal
  • Water damage, Drying and Restoration services
  • Commercial or residential

A question i am often asked is how frequently should I get my carpets cleaned?

Well this can depend on a number of issues.

  • The environment. 
  • The type of carpet fibres. 
  • Do you have pets, children? 
  • How old are the children? 
  • Is there elderly people or individuals with health or allergy issues. 
As a general rule of thumb I recommend every 6-12 months. At least every 12 month with a hot water extraction and maybe a low moisture style bonnet clean between these deep cleans. 


Below is an article I read in a recent cleaning journal which helps to give light to the topic. Also feel free to call anytime to discuss your particular situation and a qualified technician can talk you through the pro's and cons of the various types of cleaning like dry cleaning, encapsulation cleaning and steam cleaning. Or a combination of these different methods.

Source:  The journal of cleaning, restoration and inspection Apr 2015 


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Thanks Daniel you did a great job

Jan from Australia Owner 09 September 2015

Had Daniel come to clean my carpets, was pleasantly please when he informed me that he could repair the ripple in the middle of my lounge room floor. He was able to stretch it back flat. It had been become an issue as I had trip on it once before and was getting worried as I am getting older

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