Carpet Stain Removal Specialist

Carpet Stain Removal Specialist

Our technicians love a good challenge. Stains and spots on carpet are a problem we like solving. We can remove most stains through cleaning, chemical means and as needed by carpet fusion bonding.

Call 0405 187 007 to discuss your stains or txt an image with your name and we can give you some advise. 

Our Promise to you: 

  • All jobs will have an IICRC trained & Qualified Technician on location
  • We will give you great customer service
  • We will care for your carpet & home as if it was our own
  • If you are not completely happy we will do it again till you are
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Carpet Stain Removal Specialist

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General carpet cleaners are a dime a dozen. I can not tell you the number of times a customer has said the last guys told me "those stains can not be removed".

While its true not all stains or spots can be removed through general cleaning, there are other options. When you engage an Ultraketo Specialist Technician we offer a more rounded & detailed approach to stain removal.

How it Works:

  • An inspection is organised and is part of our min call out
  • During this inspection we ask questions to identify the potential cause or source of the stains
  • We then conduct a carpet fibre ID test and identify the carpet construction, type and backing
  • We also test the ability to remove the stain during this process
  • Once the inspection is complete, options and costings are explained including the likely outcomes
Types of carpet stain we can handle:
  • General soiling
  • Carpet food stains
  • Carpet drink stain i.e cordial stains on carpet, Alcohol stains on carpet
  • Red wine stain removal
  • Texta stains on carpet
  • Glue and Chewing gum removal
  • Blood stain and blood removal from carpet
  • Tea and Coffee stains on carpet
  • Urine or Faeces stains on carpet
  • Rust and furniture stains on carpet
  • Iron burn removal on carpet
  • Cigarette burn on carpet
  • Vomit stains on carpet
  • Lipstick, crayons, make up, Acne creme stains on carpet
  • Hair dye removal on carpet
  • Wax or oil stains
  • Paint stain removal on carpet
  • Pesticide, atmosphere fuming
  • And many more types os stains

Our stain removal on carpet methods include:

  • Stain removal through our Deluxe Carpet cleaning process
  • Stain removal by specialty chemistry and techniques
  • Stain removal through the use of stripping agent
  • Stain removal by colour replacement injection
  • Stain removal via carpet surgery. By removing and replacing effected area (Fusion bonding)


With most stains the quicker you act the more likely you will be able to remove the stain

Our advise when a spill or urine accident occurs is to:


  • Grab a WHITE towel and soak up as much of the spill as possible. If its a colour spill you will see this colour transfer onto the white towel. Use different parts of the dry towel to soak up as much as possible
  • I would then suggest adding some clean water to the spill, this will dilute the colour, urine or whatever has been spilt. Repeat the same process with another dry WHITE towel to soak as much of the water as possible. You should also see some of the colour if present from the spill transferring onto the white towel
  • If there is still any lingering odours, colour or soiling from the spill call us and we can help or will organise a time to rectify the problem
  • Once as much moisture has been removed, place a folded white dry towel on effect area, weigh down and this should allow further stain removal to occur as the area drys.
Important note: Don't rub towel on the spilled area, lightly patch of press and apply pressure. Rubbing can physically damage carpet pile and spread stain to un effected areas.

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