Pet Urine & Odour Removal

Pet Urine & Odour Removal

Carpet comes in various types of fibres. Natural fibre such as Wool or synthetic fibres like Nylon, Polyester. When urine accidents occur its chemistry makeup by nature can start to physically damage carpet fibres, leaving these fibres permanently damaged which usually results in stains.  Odour from bacteria growth is a far greater issue if left untreated. Call us if your unsure what to do, or view our helpful tips section below.


Pet Urine & Odour Removal

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Urine has the ability to change the longer its left on, in and under the carpet fibres and backing, which in most cases is made of Jute, a natural fibre, which becomes a food source for bacteria if the Urine is not treated correctly.

Some fibre face pile will also be more susceptible to permanent staining such as Nylon or Wool. This will effect visual appearance. While its impossible to guarantee all stains can be removed, other techniques are available like stripping colour and re dyeing these fibres.

Its our recommendation that you do not add any products to these stains as this can change the chemistry and set the stains, making it hard for true professionals to achieve the best results possible.

Click on the tab helpful tips to find out what to do until a professional arrives to deal with the secondary issue which will start to develop within 24hrs of the accident. These issues can go un-noticed until its to late.

Why is Urine Odour so hard to remove?

  • You are dealing with liquid which penetrates deep into the fibres, backing, underlay and even the sub floor i.e. Wood, concrete etc
  • The diameter of urine saturation is larger under the carpet backing, than is visible from the top of the face fibres.
  • Its organic and bacteria begins to multiple, causing further damage, mould and increased Odour.
  • Urine can be fresh or maybe you didn't notice the little accident for awhile
  • Maybe its a re-occurring problem and the Urine has been building up
  • Its Chemistry can be altered by the age of the donor, sex, healthy and diet. i.e. Cat Urine is stronger than a Dogs, Elderly people's is stronger than a young child
How do you treat a Urine problem?
  • Ring us immediately and don't put anything on it. Be careful Youtube is not always right. We are happy to suggest initial treatment tips
  • Basically we need to remove as much of the wet liquid before it dries
  • Then it needs to be flushed and a speciality chemical applied
  • Depending of severity the underlay will need to be removed, carpet will need to be soaked
  • If Urine has penetrated into the sub floor, this will need to be treated and sealed to lock off odour
  • Early response is essential to minimise permanent damage.
  • Older urine spills may have already caused staining, Odour removal is usually the objective.
  • We use experience, technique and specialised extraction equipment, chemicals and UV lights. 

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What should I do? I've just discovered a fresh Urine stain. How do I remove a Urine stain from my carpet?

Step 1: Blot (don't rub) up as much of the urine as possible using a clean white towel, tissue or paper towels. Don't worry how much paper or towels you use, its cheaper than the damage that can occur. Repeat blotting until it appears all the urine has been removed

Step 2:  Repeat the blotting with clean water again to remove any residues.

Step 3: Apply a folded WHITE clean towel, tissue or towel on top of spill and apply a weight on top to allow residue and moisture to wick up into the towel as it dries.

Step 4: Don't apply any chemicals if your not 100% sure. Ring a professional like an Ultraketo technician we will need to apply a chemical to treat the urine odour / stain and to treat bacteria which will start growing. We can also give the spill a deep flush.

How to treat an Older Urine stain?


  • This type of stain requires immediate action by a professional. Call now to discuss your urine stain 



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