ultraCORP - Blue Plus

ultraCORP - Blue Plus
Litres: 1L

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Commercial All Purpose cleaner, sanitizer and odour eliminator. Ready to use concentrate mix. Non Toxic, Alcohol Free, Oil free (No oily Residue). Comes in 1L, 5L, 10L plus. 200L, 500L, 1000L. Suitable for Regulated businesses & tougher cleaning requirements. Such as Abattoirs and Dairy producers.

We can show you how to save money, make your cleaning tasks more efficient and switch your company to a Eco friendly concern organisation. AOAC Hard Surface Carrier Tested & Passed.  ChemAlert Approved. AQIS meat / food export certified.

Clear, Blue, Blue Plus? Speak to our consultant and they will select which product is right for your business requirements.




ultraCORP - Blue Plus
Litres: 1L

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Image a product for your business which replaces all other cleaning products in your cupboard. UltraKeto is a one stop shop when it comes to cleaning, sanitising and odour elimination. No mixing required which is great for staff and easy on the back. Save money with our product by consolidating the number of harmful chemicals being used in you company, with our Eco friendly solution.


  • Food Preparation areas 
  • Cool Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Abortoirs
  • Dairy Farmers
  • Meat / poultry suppliers
  • Cafes
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Gyms / Cross fit
  • Schools
  • Businesses / organisations
  • Indoor / outdoor furniture and equipment
  • Glass / Stainless
  • Walls / Sporting mats and equipment
  • Bathrooms
  • Tables / lounges / carpet fabric and leather
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Marine Vehicles and structures - Clean salt residue
  • Broad spectrum sanitation and cleaner in one
  • removes Grease, Grime and build up fats.
  • Antibacterial kills 99.9999% bacteria including Staphylococcus
  • Non Toxic / Alcohol Free / Environmentally Friendly / 100% biodegradable.


    Specific Instruction for food, meat and Dairy producers given upon request. And recommended via demonstration. 

    • For spray and wipe use neat - Spray directly onto contaminated / dirty surfaces, wipe clean with a dry cloth.
    • For stubborn surfaces allow solution to rest for a few minutes to breakdown grime, grease etc
    • Truck, Car, Marine, Bike and bicycle: use as is or dilute 10:1 in bucket, can also add to pressure washer
    • Glass & Stainless:  Dilute 50ml to 1L water
    • Floors: mop and bucket - 250ml into standard sized bucket of water. Apply to floor surface with mop. Allow solution to rest for 60 seconds for heavy soiling.


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Great solution for the dairy farmers i visit

John from Australia Owner 24 June 2014

Been selling chemicals for 30yrs, when changes in what could and could be sold to the dairy farmers i services, it was timely to come across the UltraKeto range. What a great solution for the farmers. Safe, and works well with both soft and hard water.

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