Upholstery & Fine fabric Cleaning

Upholstery & Fine fabric Cleaning

Often it is assumed that a carpet cleaner is automatically able to also clean your upholstery, be it your armchairs, lounges or your favourite couch. Well the truth is the way fabric and upholstery needs to be cleaned is completely different to the way your carpets need to be cleaned.

We Promise drier. cleaner fabric. By the time we are finished you will basically be able to use the chair immediately.

Some of the problems I see are:

  • Way to much of the wrong chemicals
  • To much pressure, saturating the foam beneath the fabric.
  • Taking days to dry increasing the chance of browning and mould growth
  • Colour bleeding, fabric damage and zebra type lines in the fabric.
All our work is carried out by IICRC qualified & Tested Technicians



Upholstery & Fine fabric Cleaning

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Cleaning your favourite upholstery requires a professional. Upholstery chairs & lounges come is a variety of fabrics, and quality. Be it from natural or synthetic fibres, or a combination. It's not as simple as wetting them with a steam cleaning tool and waiting days for them to dry. Though thats what 90% of the self proclaimed upholstery cleaners in Melbourne do.

Carpets are of a completely different construction & density. They also contain very different types of soil, unless you walk on your chairs. The soiling found on chairs and upholstery in general is made up of body fats, oils and the occasional spillage of some kind.


Why do you insist on a pre-inspection?

  • Simple put we need to know what we are dealing with
  • What chemicals to use and the cleaning process most suitable
  • To identify any pre-existing issues or potential problems that could occur if we proceed.
  • To identify the level of soiling, types and its potential effect on the integrity of the fabric.

A quality clean takes time and attention to detail, it requires the appropriate selection of chemicals and cleaning technique needed to achieve a great result, be it a clean by hand or with an upholstery tool.

 For example:  Indian cotton requires a completely different approach to a polyester fabric. Regardless of quality the fabrics colour fastness can have devastating results. Over wetting can cause browning, quick re-soiling, mould growth and physical damage. Why do some fabrics turn grey when you wet them?

When your fabric and upholstery is cleaned correctly, you should be able to be sit on them prior to our technicians leaving your house, without saturating your rear. 

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