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Montmorency Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet stain Removal and Carpet Repair in Montmorency

When it comes to carpet cleaning, Carpet repair & carpet stain removal in Montmorency, you can trust the fully-trained and insured technicians from UltraKeto to care for your carpets.

UltraKeto carpet care technicians are honest, reliable and punctual.

While its true not all stains or spots can be removed through general cleaning, there are other options. When you engage an Ultraketo Specialist Technician we offer a more rounded & detailed approach to stain removal.

UltraKeto's How it Works:

  • An inspection is organised and is part of our min call out
  • During this inspection we ask questions to identify the potential cause or source of the stains.
  • We then conduct a carpet fibre ID test and identify the carpet construction, type and backing.
  • We can also test the ability to remove the stain during this process.
  • Once inspection complete options and costings are explained including likely outcomes.

Types of carpet stain we can handle:

  • General soiling
  • Carpet food stains.
  • Carpet drink stain i.e cordial stains on carpet, Alcohol stains on carpet.
  • Red wine stain removal.
  • Texta stains on carpet.
  • Glue and Chewing gum removal.
  • Blood stain and blood removal from carpet.
  • Tea and Coffee stains on carpet.
  • Urine or Faeces stains on carpet.
  • Rust and furniture stains on carpet.
  • Iron burn removal on carpet.
  • Cigarette burn on carpet.
  • Blood stain and blood removal from carpet.
  • Vomit stains on carpet.
  • Lipstick, crayons, make up, Acne creme stains on carpet.
  • Hair dye removal on carpet.
  • Wax or oil stains.
  • Paint stain removal on carpet.
  • Pesticide, atmosphere fuming.
  • And many more types os stains.
  • Our stain removal on carpet methods include:

  • Stain removal through our Deluxe Carpet cleaning process
  • Stain removal by specialty chemistry and techniques.
  • Stain removal through the use of stripping agent.
  • Stain removal by colour replacement injection.
  • Texture stains on carpet.
  • Stain removal via carpet surgery. By removing and replacing effected area (Fusion bonding).
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    How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

    The Australian standard recommends having your carpets cleaned every 6-12 months to prolong carpet life. As carpeting your home is a significant investment the correct care is essential. Additional care and cleaning of your carpets is beneficial after renovations, spills, unexpected soiling or prior to babies coming home for the first time.

    UltraKeto Servicing Montmorency Area

    Montmorency is our local service area. So for carpet cleaning in Montmorency, the Banyule City Council and the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, UltraKeto can assist with all your carpet restoration services.

    For a no obligation free quote for all carpet cleaning services in Montmorency or carpet restoration in the Banyule City Council area and the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne please call 0405 187 007.

    UltraKeto Services in Montmorency and Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

    Carpet Cleaning
    • Steam Cleaning
    • Dry Cleaning
    • Stain Removal
    • Upholstery Cleaning
    • Lounge Cleaning
    • Chair Cleaning
    • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
    • Domestic Carpet Cleaning
    • Automotive Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
    Tile and Grout Cleaning
    • Hard Surface Cleaning
    • Tile Cleaning
    • Grout Cleaning
    • Outdoor Paver Cleaning
    • Pool Paver Cleaning
    • Driveway Cleaning
    • Deck Cleaning
    • Concrete Cleaning
    • Natural Stone Cleaning
    • Pressure Washing
    Cleaning Services
    • Home Cleaning
    • Domestic Cleaning
    • Office Cleaning
    • Commercial Cleaning
    Commercial Carpet Cleaning
    • Large Office Buildings
    • Multi-Storey Complexes
    • Efficient Cleaning of 1000sqm Plus Areas
    • Industrial Sites

    Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne Cleaning Services

    Tips on How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner

    The Specialised Cleaning and Restoration industry Association (SCRIA Inc.) provides the following suggestions when selecting a carpet cleaner. Although there is no single criteria for selecting a carpet cleaning service provider, several combined factors should be considered in the selection decision.


    If an advertised price sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Legitimate business people have legitimate expenses that must be covered to make a profit. They include taxes, insurance, wages and employee benefits, vehicles and quality tools of trade. A professional carpet cleaner with all these expenses could not thoroughly clean your house or business for a few dollars per room.


    The price of cleaning services should never be the sole criteria for selecting a carpet cleaner. Higher prices do not necessarily mean “rip-off”. In all professions, quality work deserves a quality price.

    Truth in Advertising

    Read the fine print in advertised specials to find out exactly what the price includes.


    Professional cleaning firms require management and employees to engage in formal training. Consumers should enquire about the training of the person that he/she engages to clean the carpet in the home/business.


    The experience a firm has, combined with formal training programs, contribute significantly to the skill and proficiency of its employees. Consumer group CHOICE also has some guidelines and tips for selecting professional carpet cleaners.
    See the Choice article - Carpet cleaning options guide