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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Carpet & hard floor cleaning and restoration service
  • Fully Trained & Insured Technicians
  • Honest, Reliable & Punctual
  • One off or Programmed services
  • We can also help save costs on your cleaning chemicals and consolidate the number of products used to improve your bottom line. With our resident chemist

Benefits of a quality carpet and hard floor clean:

  • Improves health & safety
  • Removes allegens, microscopic pollutants and bacteria
  • Extends floor covering life and condition
  • Improve visual appearance and presentation

We offer a personalised service based on your business budget and requirements
  • Initial Cleaning - Do after carpet, tile or vinyl installation. Remove manufacture & installation residue
  • Routine Cleaning - This is your daily or weekly clean, dusting, sweeping, light mopping to remove dust and spills
  • Periodic Cleaning - Is a maintenance clean, carried out as required depending on personal requirement and usage. Includes vacuuming or sweeping, dry mopping, damp mopping, scrubbing, buffing, polishing and burnishing.
  • Restorative / Salvage - Is done when hard floors are showing signs of wear and damage. Service includes stripping and re-sealing or coating. 

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Other Services we offer are:

  • Carpet dry or Steam clean
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Cleaning And Sealing i.e Concrete, Pavers, Brick
  • General and Deep cleaning services
  • Commercial or residential