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The Eco Friendly Solution To Your Commercial or Residential Needs


  1. A Powerful Sanitiser to Kill Germs And Other Nasty Pathogens
  2. A Powerful Cleaning Agent To Cut Through Dirt, Grime And Grease
  3. A Odour Eliminator To Control Surface & Airborne Odours

UltraKeto's Range:

Improves environmental conditions within confined and open areas. Our products neutralises ODOURS and dangerous toxic gases such as Hydrogen Sulphide and Ammonia.

When these toxic gases and bacteria come into contact with our formulated solution, they are converted into harmless organic salts and complex organic molecules, benefiting the environment through carbon footprint reduction. 

Toxic gases, such as Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulphide are molecules suspended in air that come from the decomposition of animal and human waste. These molecules cause odour, and in high levels of concentrations can cause illness to livestock and humans. ultraKETO's products eliminates this.

UltraKeto's Surface Cleaner

UltraCORP is a powerful Eco Friendly surface cleaner. Our products are used in commercial food preparation areas, home and retail, waste management and cleaning of public transportation carriers.

UltraCORP breaks down grease and grime without the use of harsh toxic chemicals. UltraCORP improves and maintains sanitary conditions for up to 24 hours.

Our Range Consists Of 4 Main Products

  • UltraCorp Clear
  • UltraCorp Blue
  • UltraCorp Blue Plus 
  • UltraCorp Orange

These Products are Industry and application specific, and have been designed to be adjusted to suit a variety of purposes and applications, across a range of specialised Industries. To Learn more about the Industries we service click on the Industry tab on our home page.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange a one on one consult to determine the best solution for your business.