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Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Tiles look great and are relatively easy to maintain with the right knowledge, equipment & frequency. Thanks to our skills, passion, and experience the team at UltraKeto are committed to delivering unmatched and long-lasting tile cleaning solutions to Melbourne homes and businesses.

Our qualified service offers a deep tile & grout clean. Which the option to seal your tiles or grout when required. Use the wrong chemical and you could damage your tile surface which can affect the visual appearance, while also making it difficult to clean in the future. As tiles are hard and expense to replace, don't risk choosing anyone else.

Benefits of our quality Tile clean, Grout clean, Tile sealing or Grout sealing service:

  • Qualified Technicians
  • Increased health and improved air quality
  • Safer surfaces for occupants
  • Increased life and appearance to surfaces
  • Increase property resale value

Tile Cleaning Melbourne

How It Works!

Standard Tile & Grout:


Natural Stone:


  • Initially we conduct a pre-inspection of area to be cleaned
  • We identify Type and construction of tile, paver or stone to be cleaned and/or sealed.
  • We test Grout integrity and do a chemical test to show you what to expect if you proceed with the clean and seal.
  • We digitally measure the area to be cleaned and or sealed
  • We then discuss our test results, cleaning options and cost to achieve the desired result.
  • You then have the choice to engage our services and book in a time and date.

Tile Cleaning, Natural & Man-Made Stone Cleaning Services We Offer:

  •  Ceramic tile cleaning  and sealing- These are one of the most common tiles installed in Australia homes. Great hard wearing tiles that look a million bucks when we clean them.
  • Porcelain tile cleaning and sealing- These tiles were commonly used in commercial applications, we are now finding them more often in residential indoor and outdoor living areas, bathrooms and kitchens. Hard wearing. These can be honed and polished and benefit from sealing.
  • Terracotta cleaning and sealing - Made from clay that has been fire dried, they come in a variety of colour & thicknesses. Require some extra attention when cleaning and restoring.
  • Terrazzo tile cleaning - Exceptionally hard wearing tile, made of epoxy or resin based products mixed with natural stone. Care needs to be taken in chemical selection and procedure. Age of tiles can also play a part.
  • Concrete cleaning, sealing & painting - Commonly used in garages, driveways or made into a tile. Concrete is alkaline by nature and required neutralising before painting or sealing can occur. Concrete can also be prone to dusting depending on mix and finishing techniques. Care should be taken as some chemical extremes can cause pitting, and break down in its cellular construction. Concrete benefits from a good quality rinse and seal.
  • Natural stone cleaning and stone sealing - These consist of Granite, Marble, Slate, Limestone and Sandstone. Great care and expertise needs to be employed when selecting chemicals, cleaning procedure and sealers. When done correctly these types of flooring look great.

 Good things to know:

  • Initial Clean - done immediately after hard floor install, to remove manufacture and installers residues to improve surfaces ability to be cleaned.
  • Routine cleaning - Daily, weekly as needed to remove dirt, dust and spills
  • Periodic cleaning - Based on requirements, generally including sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, buffing, polishing.
  • Salvage/restorative - Where floor is showing signs of wear, including striping, re-sealing or re-coating

For a free, no obligation, quote for our extensive and personalised tile and grout cleaning services Melbourne residents can call us on 0405 187 007

Other Services we offer are:

  • Carpet Dry / Steam Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Cleaning And Sealing i.e Concrete, Pavers, Brick
  • Commercial or residential