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Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

It's a known fact your carpet will become soiled over time, bacteria carried in from the outside environment, or from general everyday uses can increase allergies, sickness and poor health.

Your carpets provides great comfort to you and your family. They are also like the lungs of your home, acting as a filter against dust, pollens and atmosphere pollutants. Carpet is great for those who suffer from allergies and other respiratory issues.

As a filter its import to clean regularly to maintain the indoor air quality and health of you and your family. Cleaning correctly will also increase the life of your carpet saving money thousand in replacement costs.

Tip:While price is a factor in choosing a Carpet technician. You get what you pay for. May I suggest it might be better to not clean then to select the cheapest cleaner around. Excessive chemicals, to much water pressure and short cuts can result in organic growth in the backing of the carpet, which can have detrimental effect on your families health and the life of the carpet. Plus it could take a week to dry, rather than a couple hours. Carpet fibre could be permanently damaged by the lack of chemical knowledge and an in ability to identify the carpet fibres and construction.

How frequent should I clean my carpet?

A general rule every 6-12 months. This is guided by use, number of people who use the area, pets, do you entertain often etc.

What is the UltraKETO difference?

Knowledge and lots of training with experience. Our carpet cleaning approach is unique in that we do not have a blank cleaning method which we apply to all situations. Our approach is based on best practise principles & international standards, which we personalise to each situation.

How it work!

  • It begins with a meet and great and detailed inspection of the carpet to be cleaned, and restored. We let the carpet tell us how and by what method is required to give your carpet the best possible clean
  • During this inspection we identify the carpet type, pile, construction. We inspect for carpet damage, potential cleaning issues, stains, spots and a multitude of other details to understand which method will be most suitable, which cleaning agents, the water pressure required and time it will take to achieve the desired result.
  • We can then present you with the expected results, expectations and limitations.
Carpet Cleaning methods usually employed:
  • HWE / Steam Cleaning - Uses hot water to clean your carpet.
  • Bonnet Cleaning - Is a low moisture shampoo carpet clean.
  • Encapsulation - This is a technology smart clean, which captures soil which then drys into micro crystals and is extracted via vacuum.

Cleaning Principles: (which are often skipped by inexperience, unqualified or lazy so called carpet cleaners)

  • Dry Vacuuming with a commercial vacuum cleaner - This initial step is extremely important as it removes dry soil present in the carpet pile. These soils become hard to remove once wet.
  • Correct Cleaning agent selection - This is based on the results of the pre inspection and carpet fibre test. It will also determine which neutralising agents to use after the cleaning has concluded.
  • Carpet brush / Pad agitation - Method used to massage cleaning agent into the carpet pile, while assisting in the release of these soil from the carpet fibres, this step will also lift deep set soil, hair and other nasties.
  • Double / Triple vacuum - Once Hot Water extraction / Steam clean pass is complete, dry extraction vacuum passes are used to extract soil and moisture to enhance  the clean and speed drying times.
  • Dry Bonnet  - Once extraction is complete, we use a micro fibre pad to remove residual soil and excess moisture. This step reduces soil wicking and speeds drying time.
Stain removal explained:

There are numerous types of stains, marks and spots. It's also true not all stains can be removed by cleaning or chemicals means. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the levels of stain removal. 

  • Level 1 Stain removal - These types of stains are often removed during our deluxe carpet cleaning process.
  • Level 2 Stain removal -  These stain remain after Deluxe cleaning and require specialist techniques, using stronger chemicals, additional cost to remove is required.
  • Level 3 Stain Removal - These carpet stains don't shift or improve from deluxe carpet cleaning or by chemical means. These require reducing and stripping agents to remove the stain. Once removed carpet dye is created to an exact colour match to restore lost colour and return the carpet to an acceptable level.
  • Level 4 stain removal - Requires carpet surgery. The effected area is removed and a new piece is fashioned and fusion bonded into place. This method is usually employed when the carpet face pile has been physically damaged i.e from iron, cigarette burns or from chemical burns such as bleach or acids.
Other Carpet services we offer:
  • Colour repair and colour clean
  • Carpet repair and reinstallation
  • Carpet stretching
  • Underlay replacement
  • Smooth edge repair, reinforcement and replacement
  • Carpet Drying