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Industries Our Products Are Suitable For

Our eco friendly products have assisted many businesses across many industries, save costs, improve efficiency and implement a green clean program in their day to day businesses.

A number of clients have used our unique product to win contracts from competitors with the benefits our product offers and the fact that its safe and biodegradable. And unlike many other so called green solutions, our products are free from oil and alcohols which add to the build up of dirt and grime, including premature wear on some surfaces.

Contact one of our consultants to see how our products can help your organisation.

Our products are suitable for the following industries: 

  • Cleaning & Facility Management
  • Farming & Live Stock Care
  • Food Processing (Including Butchers, Seafood. Abattoirs)
  • Hospitality
  • Residential And Aged Home Care
  • Sport, Aquatic & Recreational Facilities
  • Waste Management & Transportation
  • IT, marketing and website companies