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Vinyl Strip - Reseal & Cleaning

Vinyl flooring is a very resilient type of flooring and comes in few different types. These types can also be separated into domestic and commercial. They can come in strips or broadloom lengths.

Vinyl floor should be sealed to ensure long lasting wear and to provide a shinny clean look. Correctly sealed vinyl can assist with your ability to achieve a great result as your cleaner mops as part of there daily or weekly routine.

In effectively striping and sealing vinyl flooring, preparation is key to an exceptional end result.

How it works!

  • We conduct an initial inspection to identify construction, condition, and potential issues.
  • A restoration plan is constructed along with a maintenance schedule.
  • The type of striper, sealer and finisher is nominated to achieve your desired results.
  • Time is arranged to carry out the vinyl restoration.
Things to know! 
  • Area needs to be cleared prior to restoration. We can organise if required
  • Area will be out of action during the vinyl strip and reseal 
  • In high traffic areas or large areas, we can strip and seal the floor in closed off sections to allow continued use around the area.
What happens after the vinyl floor has been stripped and sealed?
  • Once the sealer is dry the area can be used as designed
  • Daily or weekly maintenance can involve mopping with a neutral cleaning solution either by mop and bucket or with a floor scrubber.
  • Periodically the floor can be spray buffed to repair blemished.
  • Periodically the vinyl flooring can also be gently scrubbed to maintain appearance and remove built up soiling
  • The vinyl will also from time to time need to be stripped and sealed as the top coat wear and the surface starts to loss the ability to clean to the desired results through regular and periodic cleaning procedures. This frequency will be determine by a number of factors, traffic volume, location, how many coats were initially applied and how well they were applied and also depended on the clients standards they would like to maintain.